In order to help prevent spreading of the coronavirus, we will be implementing the following Social Distancing Policies to protect our employees, families, members, and guests:

  1. All steering wheels will be wiped down with disinfectant after each round.
  2. The flagsticks must remain in the cup while putting.  No touching of the flagstick.
  3. Water coolers, towels, sand bottles, trap rakes have been removed for everyones safety.
  4. Orders in Clubhouse Grill are "To Go" only.  No seating or waiting inside the Grill.
  5. Door handles and counters will be wiped down throughout the day.
  6. Guests will be required to wait 6 feet away from guests checking in.
  7. Single use golf carts or walking.
  8. All of our employees will be wearing protective gloves when serving our customers.

Please help us protect our community. Golf is a wonderful way to practice Social Distancing. Let’s keep it that way!

Thank You, Pine Dunes Resort & Golf Club