Long weekends are made for golf...enquire here about unlimited golf over Labor Day weekend!             


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We can all do a little something...and if playing golf helps then that's even better! 


10% of all of our green fees through September 6th will be donated to help the Harvey Flood Relief.  We know that there is only so much we can do from here but there are PLENTY of charities, churches, and groups helping with the recovery so even if you don't get to play golf this week please look around you and see what YOU can do!  These are the 3 organizations we have chosen to support.  (Veterans and First Responders using their skills in the areas that need it most)  (some of our members are part of this church and are heading down on Friday loaded with water and supplies.  So proud of them!)  ("Go and do Likewise".   Excellent advice regardless of religion, race, nationality, or country)

10 of green fees